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Strategic Advisor - Specialty: Infrastructure, Autonomous, Robotics, Geospatial Systems, Renewable Energy

Lincoln is an International Professional Engineer, brings 35 years of multifaceted experience in public and private sectors, focusing on transformative energy transition, technology integration, and automation. Trained in the UK and Germany, he has developed deep-tech innovations, with five system-wide patents, three granted by the US patent office. He played a pivotal role in a $2B Hydrogen Hub project with a $62B Energy company in New York and collaborated with one of the 300 National Labs in USA.

Lincoln successfully implemented a countrywide Lidar Technology program for a $ 22B market cap public trading primer company in India, focusing on digitalization of transmission assets and green economy initiatives. He also submitted a $2B proposal to digitize India, building geospatial solutions with supercomputing power and managing assets including river basins and dams, in collaboration with ministry of science and technology , conducted training for practitioners’ capacity building in collaboration with World Bank Project Coordinators.

Spending nine years in Qatar, Lincoln contributed to planning, designing and implementation of foundational infrastructure projects, laying the groundwork for facilitation and expansion of the supply chain logistics for Qatar Petroleum and Qatar LNG, crucial to the Qatar Investment Authority's inception. His extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions across sectors, from renewable energy to green hydrogen together with EV, battery storage and charging technologies particularly relevant.

Annually invited to United Nations sessions by UN-GGIM (Global Geospatial Systems) and ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council), Lincoln remains updated on SDG (Sustainable Development)Goals. He holds extraordinary international connections and trusted relationships with decision-makers globally, including Washington D.C. His diverse experience, innovative approach, and global connections make him invaluable to projects requiring integration of technology, energy transition, and international collaboration.

Lincoln holds 35 years of proven international experience with distinct leadership qualities that offer a creative mindset and approach to identifying complex problems, as well as a natural ability to find practical solutions using cutting edge technologies to disrupt the way the services are delivered for optimum efficiency. His vison and mission are to ensure sustainable excellent experience harmonized between vendors, owner operators and customers while implementing Smart City Solutions and during the day-to-day operation of Multimodal Transportation Infrastructures, Mega Facilities, Large Utility Assets within urban, suburban and rural environments. Recently, with over 100 staff members consisting of scientists, engineers, technologists, hardware & software professionals, and techno-commercial experts, he has been implementing scalable solutions for the integrated autonomous response ecosystems encompassing artificial intelligence and intelligence automation platforms, digital twin creating mapping systems for 3D Models, geospatial & geo-engine big data analytic GeoEngineA2S3, autonomous mobility platform, smart connected products, EV/ clean energy technologies solutions.

Lincoln Lived and worked in USA (current), Canada, UK, Qatar, Bahrain, Singapore, Brunei, participated in projects and product developments in UAE, India, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Austria., travelled to South Africa, Malaysia , Hong Kong, Taiwan, Turkey, Thailand, Sri Lanka etc.


•MSc.(Eng.)  Transportation Engineering, The City University, London, UK.

•BSc.(Eng.)  Civil Engineering, Middlesex University, London, UK

•OND in Mechanical Engineering, Southeast London College, London, UK


PE, Int PE, PTOE, P.Eng.

Employment History:

  • Linkay Technologies, CEO, CTO- 2016-2023, USA
  • Ewell W. Finlay SVP, 2008-2016 ,USA
  • Paragon Engineering, SVP 2005-2008, USA
  • Qatar Ministry of Municipal, Affairs Division Head, 1989-1998, Qatar
  • London Boroughs of Ealing, Merton and Richmond and Thomas Storey Engineers , Senior Engineer 1983 – 1989, UK
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