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Strategic Advisor - Specialty: Cyber Defense, Leadership Advisory, Organizational Development

Bill served as a 3-star generalin the US Army with assignments at US Cyber Command, senior positions in thePentagon, and numerous operational assignments and combat deployments.  The US Cyber Command is responsible forstrengthening the ability of the US to withstand and respond to cyber-attacksby working with interagency partners, industry, and allies.

Currently, Bill is an advisor forsenior executives, consulting firm clients and technology leaders focusing onorganizational strategies in global and operational risk, data transformation,cyber security, and technology innovation. In this role he advises Bill helpsto assess Cyber threats and provide Quality Assurance on measuresdeployed.  Bill analyzes events likeColonial Pipeline in 2021 which shut down 5,500 miles of pipeline on the USEast Coast and the recent attacks in Las Vegas MGM attacks to continuallyupgrade his advisory services in this dynamic and critical space.

Bill also advises on NationalSecurity topics with the CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the US), anorganization that has the authority to block any investment in a US companythat is a threat to National Security. Along with the FOCI (Foreign Ownership, Control, and Influence)mitigations.  

His board activities include the defense sector, virtual studio production, and education technology.  Bill enjoys strong partnerships and collaboration in the global financial services market.


•MS, Georgia Tech University

•Masters, Naval War College

•BS,USMA at West Point

Employment History:

•Strategic Cyber and Organizational Consultant – Korn Ferry – 2016-2023

•US Army, 3 Star General, Deputy Commander, US Cyber Command

•US Army, Vice Director & Operations Officer for Joint Staff

•US Army, Commanding General of 1st Infantry Division

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